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New Fundraiser! LOST Fans Adopt a Pelican!

We are very excited to announce a new fundraising effort we have been carefully pondering for a while now.

We recently had 8 of special edition black-on-white wristbands made up. We thought it would be cool, as the creators, to have our own one-of-a-kind style. But we then began to think of how we may use these towards the fundraising efforts we were already working on. We are proud to announce that by the end of our wristband sale, we will have raised $1,130 for Children’s Defense Fund! We wanted a way to do more, for another cause that really needs it. Three days after we placed our very first wristband order, the Gulf Oil Spill happened. 45 days later…it continues to happen. By now, we’re sure a lot of you have seen these pictures (warning: may be a little upsetting), which emerged today, of the wildlife affected by the Gulf Oil Spill. After we saw them, it seemed meant to be that our donations from this event should go towards this cause.

The Goal: We want to raise $200 total to adopt an endangered brown pelican in the name of LOST Fans who are concerned about the oil spill. It’s a small effort, but something we can all afford and be proud to be a part of. We will adopt the Pelican through the IBRRC (International Bird Rescue Research Center), which calculates $200 as the cost to care for one pelican. They have recently set up shop with a rescue team in affected areas to help get these animals cleaned and released. After adoption, we receive a number which will identify our pelican for life, and a certificate signifying the adopter. We plan to honor “LOST Fans” as the adopter of the pelican.

The Plan: We’re going to set up a donation widget on our webpage and Facebook. Donate as little or as much as you’d like! Every little bit will count. We’re going to accept donations throughout June. Any amount raised over $200 will also go to the IBRRC.

The Bonus: Here’s where it gets more fun! Rather than have a bidding competition (which was our original idea for these wristbands), we want to give all donors equal opportunity to win a prize. We will randomly select 3 donors to win a prize pack of 2 wristbands – 1 light, 1 dark – in the size of your choice. No matter how much you donate you will be entered to win! But, even if you are not one of the 3 lucky winners, you will receive a color PDF of the certificate of adoption.

We really hope that this will work out well and LOST fans will show their support for these animals! With your help, there is one lucky pelican out there whose life will be saved (or at least bettered) by the legacy of LOST. Pretty awesome in our opinion!

You can read more about IBRRC and how they help birds here.

Thank you guys so much for whatever you can do to help, and good luck with the prize!

DONATE HERE: Our ChipIn Page


Thank You All + Godspeed

Just wanted to throw out a quick thank you to every one of you who bought a band, participated in the Twitter giveaways, and even just expressed interest. We’re excited to sell more, send that BIG CHECK (in dollars, not in size, as they don’t really make huge checks) to Children’s Defense Fund, and to continue to meet + talk to fellow LOST fans.

We also wanted to take this opportunity (as we may not be online as frequently as usual tomorrow) to tell everyone to enjoy the finale tomorrow! Sure it’s depressing, heartbreaking, devastating, crushing… It’s the end of a phenomenon that has captivated us for six years. But it’s also very exciting. Just think about it… as of tomorrow night at 11:30 ET, we will all know how LOST ends, and we’ll have been a part of something huge, something that will live on in us awesome fans. This is not to say we’re not absolutely dreading it, but we’re also on the edge of our seats in anticipation. We have full faith that tomorrow night at 9 PM, we will be watching the best, most captivating 2.5 hours of television ever.

On a sappy note, we remember finding out at the end of our freshman year of college that LOST was to end the same month (turns out same WEEK) we would graduate. As LOST addicts and television majors, this was the most bittersweet news we could have ever heard. In 3 years, not only would we be rudely kicked out into the real world, but our favorite thing on earth would be coming to a close. However, that end date was also so significant to us as a television enthusiasts and soon-to-be-professionals. We’re so excited to be entering an industry that LOST has had its mark on – it means big things for all TV creators, and we can’t wait to be a part of it.

So Namaste all, and good luck! Wear those wristbands proud.

– Sam + Anita


We are pleased to finally offer information on our next batch of wristbands!

They will go on sale
Monday, May 24th at 12:00 p.m. ET!

From hereon out, there is no limit on the number of wristbands that can be sold. We will keep placing orders for more so long as interest persists. If you didn’t grab one in the pre-sales, and didn’t win our Twitter giveaways, have no fear! Wristbands will always be available to you. Please check our storefront for more info, as we have updated a few things. For instance, shipping policies have changed a little, as we discovered our envelopes were not ideal for bigger orders and decided to switch to better ones. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us at

Please keep in mind that these wristbands will not ship until early to mid-June, as the two of us are moving across the country at the end of the month! However, we are very excited about the demand and can’t wait to get these wristbands out to as many fans as possible!

We hope you all enjoy the finale on Sunday, we’ll be tweeting throughout this very exciting LOST weekend. We also hope some of you were able to wear your bands to the TimesTalks event. We went to the screening in Boston, handed out some bands to the awesome fuckyeahlost and friends, and even left 3 bands around the theater for some lucky few to find!

If you’ve received your band, don’t forget to post a photo on our Facebook page! We’d love to see it!

Anita & Sam @ LOST Wristbands

A Sidenote on ThingBuzz

While we anxiously await for our buyers to get their wristbands in the mail and post pictures, we want to mention a cool thing that happened to us recently.

You may have seen this interview/story about us and wondered what it was all about. A few weeks back, after we had sold out Batch one, a we were contacted by K.B. Teo of ThingBuzz, a very cool Twitter widget that tracks what potential customers are saying about your product. We tried it out and found we were able to check out Tweets from fans about our wristbands that we wouldn’t have seen any other way. You can check it out on our storefront here.

We ended up having a long phone conversation with K.B. and the other guys at ThingBuzz, and were able to learn a lot from each other. They helped us out by telling us how their widget could work for us, and we offered our own suggestions for how it might be even more useful. It seems strange to use the term “small business” to describe us, but I guess that’s technically what we are – even if our office is a small, mostly-packed-in-cardboard-boxes apartment. As we’ve mentioned probably ad nauseum we’re recent college grads who plan on working in media (TV, online, etc.). Social media and marketing is an inevitable part of whatever career we eventually choose, whether we’re head writers on a network sitcom or somehow become a multi-million dollar wristband empire. K.B. is part of a team that is trying to facilitate this through applications like the ThingBuzz widget, and it was just really interesting for us as new sellers/business owners/ or whatever you want to call us, to be able to give our insight. In a way, we helped out a company that could continue to build and help out people like us even more in the future. Ah, the circle of life!

Anyway, since K.B. helped us out with this very riveting article, we thought we’d give ThingBuzz our own little plug! Thanks K.B. for the great story and the interview!


Hello ladies and gents. After what felt like an eternity of waiting, we are pleased to present you with some images of our wristbands. They look great in our opinion and I think we were actually beaming when we opened them. Anita graduated yesterday (hooray!) and me on Sunday (hooray!) and we actually raced home in between her ceremony + party to pick these up from our reception office and put them in our apartment.

Last night we worked hard to pack up Batch 1 and the first orders of Batch 2. Batch 1 and the Monday Batch 2 orders shipped today. The rest will be packed tonight and most, if not all, shipped tomorrow. With this timetable we expect all US orders will get there quickly. Our test shipment from MA – CA only took 4 shipping days, and these were at the post office by 10 AM this morning.

If there are any problems or delays with your order please e-mail us and we will work with you on what to do. Thank you all again so much for your support and most of all your patience! We were up with the birds from Wednesday-Friday waiting for these things and were so frustrated when they did not come. The anxiety only got worse as our graduation weekend started and we knew we’d be unable to ship them even if they did arrive. Now with all the stress behind us we are very excited to get these all out and put our full attention on this (well… that and packing… but this is more fun)!

Second Twitter Giveaway

The second Twitter giveaway is now open for entries! Retweet the following phrase and follow us to enter:

RT and follow @lostwristbands to win 1 of 4 LOST wristbands! Winners announced Friday at 9 PM EST. Details:

Winners will be announced Friday at 9 PM EST. Good luck!

In unrelated news, we now have ALL OUR WRISTBANDS! Batch 1 and the first of Batch 2 shipped this morning and the rest will go out on a very fast rolling basis between today and Thursday. Thank you everyone for your patience and support! We’ll do a more detailed blog post with pictures + such later!

Batch 1 Shipping Update

We’ve run into some (very) unexpected troubles regarding the shipment of orders from Batch 1. We placed the order for these wristbands on April 28th and chose an expedited shipping method that the company told us would guarantee their delivery by May 13th. We received a notice that they had been shipped from the factory on Tuesday (May 11th), but the tracking number they gave us did not work. We have been in contact with them since then, trying to determine why there was an error with the tracking number. Obviously, May 13th came and went, and we still had not received the wristbands. This morning we got an e-mail from the company saying that the bands from Batch 1 were “held back for quality reasons” and had shipped later than expected (they do multiple quality checks and have assured us that the quality of the bands is “top-notch”).

When we took orders for Batch 1 we guaranteed delivery by the finale, which is why we are keeping such a close and stressful eye on this shipment. Of course, we gave this guarantee based on the (now not-so-great) guarantee to us that the wristbands would arrive no later than yesterday. Luckily, the company has refunded us the hefty price we paid for that “expedited” shipping, which we are setting aside to cover any incidents that we may have with Batch 1. We ask that you please be sympathetic with our situation. However, we know that a number of you ordered from Batch 1 to have these wristbands for finale parties, so if you are seriously concerned about the delivery date of your order (within the U.S. only), please shoot us an e-mail at Together, we can explore from there if we should look into any expedited shipping methods for you.

Fortunately, last week we did a test shipment of some (non-Lost) wristbands that we had lying around. They were shipped from Boston on a Thursday morning and they arrived in San Diego on Monday. We expect this to be the average time it would take for the wristbands to reach any location within the United States (obviously, international orders will take longer regardless and were not guaranteed arrival by the finale).

Right now, we are expecting that our worst case scenario would have Batch 1 orders shipping out of Boston on Tuesday morning (May 18th). Based on our estimated shipping time from Boston to San Diego, there is still a chance that wristbands shipped on this day could arrive to locations within the U.S. before the finale. Obviously we had hoped to ship the wristbands out yesterday or today so as to have some insurance days to work with in regards to getting Batch 1 delivered before the 23rd.

We will continue to be in contact with the company all day today and will likely not be able to stop staring out our apartment window for FedEx trucks, as we have been doing it compulsively since Wednesday. We promise to deliver updates to you as we get them and are remaining optimistic about these Batch 1 deliveries.

Once again, we cannot even begin to express our gratitude to those of you who have supported us throughout our conceptualization and implementation of this idea. We sincerely apologize for the amount of time you have had to wait, not only for your wristbands to ship and arrive, but to even see photos of the final product. The two of us can hardly focus on anything else but the fact that we still do not have these bands around our wrists and in the mail to you all.

We hope to have more updates for you soon.

Anita & Sam @ LOST Wristbands

P.S. The winners of the Twitter giveaway will still be announced tonight at the (updated) time of 9:00 p.m. EST. So make sure you get your entry in by then (see previous post for details) and stay tuned to @lostwristbands to see if you won!