We’ve been thinking a lot lately about the aftermath of the Lost finale. Whether the final episode is amazing, heartbreaking, gut-wrenching, infuriating, or all of the above, it’s going to be tough to face the world in the days after. To have to explain why you seem so distant and forlorn, why you keep hyperventilating or bursting into tears, or whatever your humiliating coping mechanism will be!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just easily identify those going through the same thing? Some visual cue that lets you know that someone is going through the exact same loss as you?

The LOST memorial bracelets will do just that! Wear them in the aftermath of the finale for a day, a week–as long as it takes you to cope–to pay your respects to our fallen friend. Wear them forever if you have to…we know we will.

LOST Wristbands is run by Anita and Sam, two recent college graduates from Boston. After the idea was sparked, LOST Wristbands was born almost immediately. The first batch of 200 wristbands sold out in under 24 hours. Shortly thereafter, a second batch of 300 wristbands was sold in three waves of 100–each selling out in under 10 minutes! After the finale, on May 24th, LOST Wristbands went on sale again on an unlimited basis!

Disclaimer: LOST Wristbands is in no way affiliated with Disney, ABC, or LOST.