We noticed our wristbands were a little large on some people, so we’ve decided to place the order for 100 Small sizes, in addition to our regulars.

The reason we chose the size we did is because the smaller wristband is sort of a bizarre size. It’s literally way too small for you, or just right! If you have a LiveStrong or similar wristband, you can compare. The standard size of an adult LiveStrong bracelet is 7.96 in. in circumference, while the Small of ours is 7.38 in. Our Regular size is 8.38 in. We knew the Regular was a safer bet for most customers (better it be a little loose than too small to fit over your hand!) but we realize for some of you with small wrists and hands they may be a little too big.

So here’s what we want to do… if you have ordered (at ANY point) and feel your wristband is way too large, e-mail us, and we’ll explain what to do. We just ask that you please first check the sizing chart and measurements we included in this post thoroughly to ensure the Small would be the best fit for you. We only have 100 Smalls right now. If the demand for replacements is overwhelming we will assess what to do from there. But please, keep in mind the sizing differences. If it’s a little loose, but not falling off, you might want to consider sticking with a Regular. If LiveStrongs are a little tight on you, you should definitely stick with a Regular. Also, for reference, check out the photos in the Facebook group.

We’re sorry this is so complicated, but we thought that instead of continuing to just sell the Regular, we’d offer an option to those who really need it. We want you guys to wear these forever, of course, so they’ve gotta fit!

EDIT: Smalls will be an option to purchase in a day or so, but we want to allow for those who already ordered to get an exchange if they’d like. So if you think you need a Small, wait on buying – we will make an update on Facebook and Twitter when they’re available for sale.

Sizing Chart (Reminderband LARGE = Our REGULAR, Reminderband MEDIUM = Our SMALL)


5 responses to “Sizes

  1. Beth Milstein

    I ordered 3 wristbands — 1 for me and 2 for other friends. The 2 fit just fine, but I have a very small wrist, and mine keeps falling off. If I could get a replacement, that would be great!
    Thanks so much!

  2. Hello i need 3 wristbands,small size,how much send to Spain??thanks and greetings

  3. Hi ~ are you selling the Small size bracelets to first timers yet? I’d like to order a couple, if you’ll direct me to the right place to order! Thanks very much.

    • Jennifer – yes! We are selling them now. Sorry for the delay, but no worries, there are plenty left! To buy, just follow the store link on the right side of this website.


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