Thank You All + Godspeed

Just wanted to throw out a quick thank you to every one of you who bought a band, participated in the Twitter giveaways, and even just expressed interest. We’re excited to sell more, send that BIG CHECK (in dollars, not in size, as they don’t really make huge checks) to Children’s Defense Fund, and to continue to meet + talk to fellow LOST fans.

We also wanted to take this opportunity (as we may not be online as frequently as usual tomorrow) to tell everyone to enjoy the finale tomorrow! Sure it’s depressing, heartbreaking, devastating, crushing… It’s the end of a phenomenon that has captivated us for six years. But it’s also very exciting. Just think about it… as of tomorrow night at 11:30 ET, we will all know how LOST ends, and we’ll have been a part of something huge, something that will live on in us awesome fans. This is not to say we’re not absolutely dreading it, but we’re also on the edge of our seats in anticipation. We have full faith that tomorrow night at 9 PM, we will be watching the best, most captivating 2.5 hours of television ever.

On a sappy note, we remember finding out at the end of our freshman year of college that LOST was to end the same month (turns out same WEEK) we would graduate. As LOST addicts and television majors, this was the most bittersweet news we could have ever heard. In 3 years, not only would we be rudely kicked out into the real world, but our favorite thing on earth would be coming to a close. However, that end date was also so significant to us as a television enthusiasts and soon-to-be-professionals. We’re so excited to be entering an industry that LOST has had its mark on – it means big things for all TV creators, and we can’t wait to be a part of it.

So Namaste all, and good luck! Wear those wristbands proud.

– Sam + Anita


3 responses to “Thank You All + Godspeed

  1. I would like to get a wristband please let me know how I can do this . Thank you! Namaste!

  2. They go on sale tomorrow @ noon EST! Our storefront link is on the righthand side of this blog. E-mail us if you have any more questions!

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