A Sidenote on ThingBuzz

While we anxiously await for our buyers to get their wristbands in the mail and post pictures, we want to mention a cool thing that happened to us recently.

You may have seen this interview/story about us and wondered what it was all about. A few weeks back, after we had sold out Batch one, a we were contacted by K.B. Teo of ThingBuzz, a very cool Twitter widget that tracks what potential customers are saying about your product. We tried it out and found we were able to check out Tweets from fans about our wristbands that we wouldn’t have seen any other way. You can check it out on our storefront here.

We ended up having a long phone conversation with K.B. and the other guys at ThingBuzz, and were able to learn a lot from each other. They helped us out by telling us how their widget could work for us, and we offered our own suggestions for how it might be even more useful. It seems strange to use the term “small business” to describe us, but I guess that’s technically what we are – even if our office is a small, mostly-packed-in-cardboard-boxes apartment. As we’ve mentioned probably ad nauseum we’re recent college grads who plan on working in media (TV, online, etc.). Social media and marketing is an inevitable part of whatever career we eventually choose, whether we’re head writers on a network sitcom or somehow become a multi-million dollar wristband empire. K.B. is part of a team that is trying to facilitate this through applications like the ThingBuzz widget, and it was just really interesting for us as new sellers/business owners/ or whatever you want to call us, to be able to give our insight. In a way, we helped out a company that could continue to build and help out people like us even more in the future. Ah, the circle of life!

Anyway, since K.B. helped us out with this very riveting article, we thought we’d give ThingBuzz our own little plug! Thanks K.B. for the great story and the interview!


One response to “A Sidenote on ThingBuzz

  1. Sweet! Congratulations on graduating and my best for a wonderful start to a great career out West. KB

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