Hello ladies and gents. After what felt like an eternity of waiting, we are pleased to present you with some images of our wristbands. They look great in our opinion and I think we were actually beaming when we opened them. Anita graduated yesterday (hooray!) and me on Sunday (hooray!) and we actually raced home in between her ceremony + party to pick these up from our reception office and put them in our apartment.

Last night we worked hard to pack up Batch 1 and the first orders of Batch 2. Batch 1 and the Monday Batch 2 orders shipped today. The rest will be packed tonight and most, if not all, shipped tomorrow. With this timetable we expect all US orders will get there quickly. Our test shipment from MA – CA only took 4 shipping days, and these were at the post office by 10 AM this morning.

If there are any problems or delays with your order please e-mail us and we will work with you on what to do. Thank you all again so much for your support and most of all your patience! We were up with the birds from Wednesday-Friday waiting for these things and were so frustrated when they did not come. The anxiety only got worse as our graduation weekend started and we knew we’d be unable to ship them even if they did arrive. Now with all the stress behind us we are very excited to get these all out and put our full attention on this (well… that and packing… but this is more fun)!


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