Almost Time…

Today’s wristbands go on sale in about 15 minutes. Once again, here’s a direct link to the store:

Also, keep in mind that BigCartel’s system works in such a way that once an item has been added to someone’s cart, they have it on hold until they check out. That’s most likely the problem that most people were having–all of the items get put into carts really quickly and the system gets confused (probably just as confused as some of you were 1 minute into Monday’s sale when it said there were no more wristbands)!

Good luck today, guys!


10 responses to “Almost Time…

  1. @chrismgerber


  2. @chrismgerber


  3. @chrismgerber

    are you kidding me it says i cant buy one

  4. @chrismgerber

    someone else is buying it

  5. @chrismgerber


  6. Getting the same error message about someone else buying the last one. Since it’s 8 min after 4pm, they might be all gone. I suggest you limit the number folks can buy at one time.

  7. @chrismgerber

    if it wasn’t for Lost i wouldn’t go trough that again what a pain in the A**

  8. The number you can buy is limited to 5 at a time if I remember correctly. I suggest on friday you do what I did today. Refresh your page every 10 seconds before the go on sale and get them in your basket straight away.

  9. Hey all,

    Thanks for your comments!

    Regarding the order limit: we thought about this a lot before we set up the store, and we decided not to implement a limit because we know a lot of people want to give these out at finale parties. But the majority of the orders are for 1-2 wristbands.

    Chris: I actually just spotted your name in my list of PayPal receipts–it looks like you got through. Congrats! We’re sorry again for the frustration–the BigCartel site is nice because it’s free, but obviously it’s not perfect when it comes to this type of demand.

  10. I was on exactly on time and it took my order then froze…I am so sad….by the time I tried to log in again they were out…..I even got up early (I’m in Canada)…..hmmmmm…..very sad…

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