Sold Out in 10 Minutes!

WOW. We really did not expect for these wristbands to go that fast. However, we now know that the demand for the Wednesday and Friday batches is going to be just as insane and just as frustrating for those of you who can’t get your order in. So we want to let you let you know now:


And here’s the explanation as to why we’ve been selling them in such a strange way:

The two of us are graduating from college next week, and we’re moving across the country at the end of the month. We’re going to be working our butts off to try and get these first two batches (first batch guaranteed) out to everyone before the finale. However, at a certain point we’re going to have to put our ordering and mailing operation on hold for a couple weeks (to, you know, pack, move, enter the real world, etc).

SO, after this week of crazy frenzy purchasing, we WILL be ordering more wristbands. They will go up for sale the day after the finale airs (May 24th) and they will begin shipping in early June. These wristbands won’t have any sort of limit on them–we will order as many as we need to so that we can meet your guys’ demand.

We know the system this week is stressful and frustrating, but keep in mind that if you miss out Wednesday and Friday, you will definitely be able to purchase a wristband after the finale–no question. The advantage to this week is that you will get your wristband earlier (maybe even before the finale). So if you’re willing to put up with the craziness–rock on! It’s pretty exciting for us, and we’re sure it is for you. So please, keep e-mailing us your questions and comments, and enjoy tomorrow’s episode! We love you guys already and we haven’t even met you. LOST has that power, I guess.

P.S. After this week we will also have Twitter contests where we will be giving away free wristbands! So the fun really never stops!


One response to “Sold Out in 10 Minutes!

  1. We love you all too! Thanks for putting together a way for us lost fans to”celebrate” its end.

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