A Little Clarification

Thought I’d post a little reminder, in case it’s not clear for our new fans how we’re operating:

When you place an order, be advised it is technically a pre-sale. It will not ship immediately. We have been selling our batches before they arrive to us so we can judge how many more to order if the current batch sells out. This way, we can ensure as many people who want them can have a good chance at getting one.

For Batch 1 (If you bought one via our pre-sale last Thursday): This batch will arrive on May 13th the latest. Therefore, they will be shipped any time between May 11th – May 14th.

For Batch 2 (This week’s Monday/Wed/Fri pre-sale): This batch will arrive May 14th the latest. Therefore, they will be shipped between May 12th – May 15th.

We don’t want you to worry if a week has passed and you haven’t received your order. We will communicate with you here throughout the entire process, including posting pictures when they arrive to us and updating when batches have shipped to you. For more information on guaranteed delivery and international shipping, check our FAQs link. And as always, if you’re wondering “Batches? Pre-sale? What the heck does this mean?!” e-mail us – we love to hear questions and comments!



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