Batch 2 Order Details

In the past couple days, we have heard from many different people in many different time zones, so we want to make sure that the sale of Batch 2 is as fair as possible for everyone. We will be releasing Batch 2 in three waves of 100 wristbands each. The schedule is as follows:

MONDAY, May 3rd @ 10 p.m. EST
WEDNESDAY, May 5th @ 4 p.m. EST
FRIDAY, May 7th @ 10 a.m. EST

(click each date to find out the scheduled release time for your time zone)

This way, whether morning, afternoon, or night is the most ideal time for you to get on the computer, you should have at least one day that best fits your schedule/time zone.

We will be setting aside the other 25 wristbands as a safety surplus for ourselves, a number of which will go towards Twitter giveaways!

We hope this method will work out for most people. Once again, the wristbands from Batch 2 are not guaranteed to arrive before the finale, but there’s a pretty good chance that they could (if not just a day or two after). We have quite efficiently streamlined this process, after all!


Obviously, we have been so rushed with these two batches because we want as many fans to have wristbands the day after the finale as possible. However, we’re positive that interest will only keep growing (especially the closer we get to the finale) and that even in the weeks and months after the finale, people will still be willing to make a purchase. The only problem here is that we’re moving across the country at the end of May and instead of the packing we should be doing in our apartment right now, we have inadvertently started a small business (don’t tell our parents)! So, we are tentatively saying right now that there will be more wristbands after this batch. The only caveat is that they wouldn’t start shipping until early June. But what’s a month to wait for a lifetime of standing in solidarity with fellow LOST fans? We’ll be figuring out the specifics later in the month–Batch 2 is our main focus right now.

Basically, our dream at this point is to be able to give the Children’s Defense Fund the biggest check possible and to be able to see these wristbands on tons of fans at Comic-Con (we’d also love to hand some out there, too)! We’re so pumped that you guys have shown us so much support! We really can’t wait to get these babies in our hands to post some photos for you all–keep spreading the word!

Anita & Sam @ LOST Wristbands


4 responses to “Batch 2 Order Details

  1. Awesome idea for the pre-sale! Thanks for thinking about all the LOST fans around the world!
    Keep up the great work!


  2. Awesomeness!!! Can’t wait to order mine :3
    Considering 3 now instead of just 2… what have you done to me?! lol

  3. GREAT idea! and looking forward to ordering as soon as possible.

  4. @chrismgerber

    Those wristbands look awesome. Hope i’ll be able to get on my wrist.

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