You asked for it, you got it! Today we put in the order for another batch of 325 wristbands! Why 325? Because we wanted to be really romantic and have there be 523 wristbands in existence the day after the finale (as in 5-23, the date of the finale), but you can only order in multiples of 5. So just pretend those extra 2 don’t exist for now!

It’s come to our attention that a lot of fans who now want these did not know there was a pre-sale going on, so this time we are going to announce it well in advance. We will update it as soon as we have a date. These wristbands are NOT guaranteed to arrive before the finale, but the latest they will get to us is Friday, May 14th, and may come earlier. Therefore, there is a very good chance you will get it before the finale if you order within the first few days of the 2nd batch sale. Even though we cannot give you a refund if it does not, we encourage you to still order if you are flexible and don’t absolutely need them on the finale date. After all, the point is to wear them after our dear friend LOST has passed!

Price will be the same at $4.23 + $1.75 US Shipping/ $3.00 International Shipping.

$1/wristband will go to the Children’s Defense Fund. If we sell out, in total we will raise $525 for the fund! Not too shabby!

Major national media attention notwithstanding, this will be our final order before the finale. We would love to keep churning these things out on a rolling basis but we are 2 college students in the middle of graduating and moving at the end of the month. Oh, and we’ll be sinking into a deep depression as of 5/23 and will thus be unavailable for some time. It’s a good thing we’ll have these wristbands so people will be able to tell!

Thanks for your support, guys! We’re so excited to do this for fellow LOST fans. I mean seriously, who gets excited about shipping 525 wristbands? What have you done to us?



3 responses to “UPDATE: BATCH #2 IS A GO!

  1. 325 isn’t two extra, it’s exactly right – 523 backwards! How appropriate! Congrats and thanks again for doing this; yes, I WILL be putting in an additional order!

  2. Oh I get it, the TOTAL number! When will I learn to read more carefully? Still, the 2nd order amount IS perfect!

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