SOLD OUT! Second batch?

We are SOLD OUT of our first batch! Thank you SO much to everyone who pre-ordered…we sold 200 wristbands in less than a day!

Now, we know that there are a lot of you who were not able to get wristbands, so we are seriously considering putting in an order for a second batch. However, we can’t put in an order unless we know they are going to sell! That’s where you guys come in – tell everyone you can! E-mail any big Lost fans you know! Tell the bloggers! If you belong to a message board – make a post about it! We need to direct as much traffic back to this site as possible.

To get everyone started, we ask that everyone with a Twitter re-tweet this phrase:

Tell @lostwristbands we want more LOST memorial wristbands! Retweet and take the poll:

If we can order by the end of today or early tomorrow, there is a still a chance we may be able to give pre-orders for the second batch as well. We just need to make sure that there is really enough interest. SO, only if you would buy a wristband from a second batch, please vote in the poll below.

Also, think about whether you wouldn’t mind receiving it after the finale! We’ll be mourning long after 5/24/10 after all – (I’ll probably be wearing mine to the grave)! The point is to be able to recognize strangers on the street as fellow LOST fans–so we want as many people as possible to have these!


2 responses to “SOLD OUT! Second batch?

  1. 2nd batch! Please god 2nd batch!!! I want 2!! One to keep forever all shiney & new and one to wear until I die…. *sob*

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