IT’S ON! Pre-Order Information

Thank you all for showing your support on Facebook!

We put in the order this morning for 200 wristbands. The estimated delivery date from the company is MAY 13th, but we called them and they said there is also a possibility that they could arrive a day or two early. So tonight, we are going to start accepting pre-orders.

Wristbands are $4.23 each.
from each wristband sold goes to the Children’s Defense Fund.
Shipping within the United States is $1.75 per order.
Shipping outside the United States is $2.00 per order.


  • By pre-ordering, you will give us extra time to prepare your shipping label and invoice before our shipment of wristbands even arrives.
  • Providing a pre-order period will allow us to gauge if there is enough demand to warrant an extra order of wristbands beyond the original 200.
  • Pre-orders are guaranteed to arrive before the finale date or your money back.
  • The last day for pre-orders is MONDAY, MAY 10th.

After the 10th, once we receive the shipment, we will open up regular orders for the remaining wristbands–these are not guaranteed to arrive before the finale, but we will do our best to get them out ASAP.


If you have any questions, please contact us at:


6 responses to “IT’S ON! Pre-Order Information

  1. I’m impatiently awaiting that 6pm (for me) hour!

  2. Lottery Ticket

    great idea. thank you. order placed.

  3. y en chile como se hace

  4. Quiero una pero soy de Argentina!!!

  5. You ship to Colombia??


  6. hola, hay alguna manera de consrguirlas en argentina? gracias

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